Schedule & Results, Best of the Nest, 2019-2020 (Oakville Hornets)

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Friday, November 8, 2019
BAA-RR18:00 AMJCR Pittsburgh U14 Pens1-4Stoney Creek BAA Sabres
BAA-RR28:30 AMJCB Belle Tire U14 2-4Oakville BAA Hornets
BAA-RR39:30 AMJCR London BAA Devilettes3-1Whitby BAA Wolves
BAA-RR410:00 AMJCB Durham West BAA Lightning3-4North York BAA Storm
MAA-RR511:00 AMJCR Pittsburgh U16 Elite3-3Cambridge Roadrunners
MAA-RR611:30 AMJCB Kingston MAA Ice Wolves2-2Oakville MAA Hornets
MAA-RR712:30 PMJCR Toronto MAA Aeros1-0Stoney Creek MAA Sabres
MAA-RR81:00 PMJCB Belle Tire U16 2-1Barrie MAA Sharks
BAA-RR92:00 PMJCR North York BAA Storm4-0Belle Tire U14
BAA-RR102:30 PMJCB Oakville BAA Hornets3-2Durham West BAA Lightning
BAA-RR113:30 PMJCR Stoney Creek BAA Sabres1-0London BAA Devilettes
BAA-RR124:00 PMJCB Whitby BAA Wolves2-1Pittsburgh U14 Pens
MAA-RR135:00 PMJCR Stoney Creek MAA Sabres0-3Cambridge Roadrunners
MAA-RR145:30 PMJCB Oakville MAA Hornets2-1Toronto MAA Aeros
MAA-RR156:30 PMJCR Kingston MAA Ice Wolves3-2Belle Tire U16
MAA-RR167:00 PMJCB Barrie MAA Sharks2-3Pittsburgh U16 Elite
Saturday, November 9, 2019
BAA-RR178:00 AMJCR Durham West BAA Lightning8-2Belle Tire U14
BAA-RR188:30 AMJCB Oakville BAA Hornets2-3North York BAA Storm
BAA-RR199:30 AMJCR Whitby BAA Wolves0-2Stoney Creek BAA Sabres
BAA-RR2010:00 AMJCB London BAA Devilettes6-3Pittsburgh U14 Pens
MAA-RR2111:00 AMJCR Barrie MAA Sharks0-0Kingston MAA Ice Wolves
MAA-RR2211:30 AMJCB Belle Tire U16 0-0Oakville MAA Hornets
MAA-RR2312:30 PMJCR Pittsburgh U16 Elite0-3Stoney Creek MAA Sabres
MAA-RR241:00 PMJCB Cambridge Roadrunners0-1Toronto MAA Aeros
BAA-RR252:00 PMJCR Stoney Creek BAA Sabres1-1Durham West BAA Lightning
BAA-RR262:30 PMJCB North York BAA Storm2-1Whitby BAA Wolves
BAA-RR273:30 PMJCR Belle Tire U14 1-2London BAA Devilettes
BAA-RR284:00 PMJCB Pittsburgh U14 Pens3-3Oakville BAA Hornets
MAA-RR295:00 PMJCR Toronto MAA Aeros1-4Belle Tire U16
MAA-RR305:30 PMJCB Oakville MAA Hornets2-0Pittsburgh U16 Elite
MAA-RR316:30 PMJCR Stoney Creek MAA Sabres1-0Barrie MAA Sharks
MAA-RR327:00 PMJCB Cambridge Roadrunners5-0Kingston MAA Ice Wolves
Sunday, November 10, 2019
Consolatio338:00 AMJCR Belle Tire U14 0-3Whitby BAA Wolves
Consolatio348:30 AMJCB Pittsburgh U14 Pens1-4Durham West BAA Lightning
Consolatio359:30 AMJCR Pittsburgh U16 Elite4-3Toronto MAA Aeros
Consolatio3610:00 AMJCB Barrie MAA Sharks1-2Kingston MAA Ice Wolves
Silver Med3711:00 AMJCR Oakville BAA Hornets2-3London BAA Devilettes
Gold Medal3811:30 AMJCB Stoney Creek BAA Sabres2-1North York BAA Storm
Silver Med3912:30 PMJCR Stoney Creek MAA Sabres2-1Belle Tire U16
Gold Medal401:00 PMJCB Cambridge Roadrunners1-2Oakville MAA Hornets
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