Coaches (Oakville Hornets)

We are very pleased to announce the House League coaches for our 26th year! The Hornets board and membership would like to thank them for their continued commitment to continuing our mission of developing and fostering the growth of girl's hockey at the community level.  Coach's Contacts TBD.


 U7 Teams Coach  Email
 OWHA # 1300 (Team Gaureau)  Rob Gaudreau  [email protected]
 OWHA # 1301 (Team Lukez)  Jason Lukez  [email protected]
 OWHA # 1302 (Team Archibald)  Mike Archibald  [email protected]
 OWHA # 1303 (Team Eusepi & Jeff Campbell)
Carlee Eusepi [email protected];  [email protected]
 U9 Teams  Coach Email
 OWHA # 1310 (Team Henry)  Mark Henry  [email protected]
 OWHA # 1311 (Team Bridges & Small)  Billy Bridges, Sami Jo Small  [email protected];[email protected]
 OWHA # 1312 (Team Poshni)  Chris Poshni  [email protected]
 OWHA # 1313 (Team Van Dinter & McDonald)  Jenna Van Dinter, Sierra McDonald  [email protected];[email protected]
 U11 Teams  Coach Email
 OWHA # 1325 (Team Wallace & Matthews)  Kent Wallace, Morgan Matthews  [email protected]; [email protected]
 OWHA # 1326 (Team Felice)  Peter Felice  [email protected]
 OWHA # 1327 (Team Brankovic)  Ned Brankovic  [email protected]; [email protected]
 OWHA # 1328 (Team Rook)  Sam Rook  [email protected]
 OWHA # 1329 (Team Owen-Hicks)  Marcus Owen-Hicks  [email protected]
 OWHA # 1330 (Team Richardson)  Ian Richardson  [email protected]
 U13 Teams  Coach  Email
 OWHA # 1340 (Team Tait & Sasaki)  Andy Tait, David Sasaki  [email protected]; [email protected]
 OWHA # 1341 (Team Gong)  Andrew Gong  [email protected]
 OWHA #1342 (Team McIntosh)  John McIntosh  [email protected]
 OWHA #1343 (Team MacMillian)  Bryan MacMillan  [email protected]
 OWHA #1345 (Team Lee)  Jimmy Lee  [email protected]
 OWHA #1346 (Team Waker)  Ryan Walker  [email protected]
 U15 Teams  Coach  Email
 OWHA # 1355 (Team Chapman)  Jim Chapman  [email protected]
 OWHA # 1356 (Team Thompson)  Piper Thompson  [email protected]
 OWHA # 1357 (Team Stewart)  Jason Stewart  [email protected]
 OWHA # 1358 (Team Lauzon)  Garrett Lauzon  [email protected]; [email protected]
 U18/22 Teams
 Coach  Email
 OWHA #1372 (Team Robinson & Prentice)  Scott Robinson, Jay Prentice  [email protected]; [email protected]
 OWHA #1365 (Team Jensen)  Peter Jensen  [email protected]
 OWHA #1366 (Team Fiorelli)   Mike Fiorelli  [email protected]
 OWHA #1367 (Team Murski)  Mark Murski  [email protected]
 OWHA #1368 (Team Barker)  Brad Barker  [email protected]
 OWHA #1369 (Team Stewart)  Jeff Stewart  [email protected]