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Thank you for considering volunteering with us this season. Running one of the largest girls’ hockey associations in the world wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers. We are eternally grateful for the time and effort our volunteers invest in making sure our Hornets have fun, develop and, at the end of the day, love hockey. To volunteer with the Oakville Hornets Girls Hockey Association there several certifications and safety precautions in place to ensure the safety and development of our players. Please carefully review the mandatory registration/certifications and additional pertinent information below.

RAMP Registration (Applies to all Bench Staff members, Trainers, Team Managers, Third Party Instructors and Parents entering the dressing room)
The Ontario Women’s Hockey Association (OWHA) requires all Team Staff members (Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Practice Staff, Trainers and Team Managers) to register themselves in RAMP (RAMP LINK) so they can be rostered on your team. Members who are not rostered on a team are NOT INSURED and therefore can not be on the bench or ice.

All parents entering the dressing room must also be registered in Ramp (Coach/Staff tab and choose “Staff”), although they do not get rostered. The reason for this is because they must have a valid VSC and CRC police check and Respect in Sports Activity leaders certification on file. Males are NOT allowed in dressing room at the U11 and above levels with the exception of Coaches. 
Police Checks (Applies to all Bench Staff members, Trainers, Team Managers, Treasurers and Parents entering the dressing room)

The Hornets do not accept hard copies of Police Checks at the office. Vulnerable Sector Checks (includes Criminal Record Checks) are valid for 3 years from date of issue and staff members must upload them in their profile in Ramp. If waiting for a Police Check to arrive,  you may upload your receipt or a note indicating “Police Check pending” so you are able to continue your Ramp staff registration. Please log back into Ramp to upload your police check when you receive it. VSC’s applications are on Halton Police website (https://www.haltonpolice.ca/) or where staff member’s resides’ police station. Our Security Volunteer will check all staff member's police checks in Ramp for verification and we will remove members from their team roster if they have not complied.  When you receive your VSC, please upload it in the "VSS File" (also referred to as VSC) section in your Ramp registration by logging back into Ramp and go to the "My Account Members" tab and then "Edit". 
A volunteer letter is not required when only applying for VSC.  It only applies when applying for CRC.  Since VSC includes CRC, only apply for VSC (which does not require a letter from us).

Any questions regarding this, please email Kevin Hamilton, our Security Volunteer at  [email protected].

Respect In Sports Activity Leaders Certificate (Applies to all Bench Staff members, Trainers, Team Managers and Parents entering the dressing room)
It is mandatory that ALL OWHA Team Officials including parents entering the dressing room complete the OWHA’s Respect in Sports Activity Leaders certification. This certification does not currently expire. To access the link click here: https://owha.respectgroupinc.com/
Coaching Certification (Applies to Head Coaches and recommended for Assistant Coaches)

Please see OWHA Coaching Requirement here


NCCP is Coaches Certification number. If you do not have it yet or it is not required, please enter Pending or N/A to be able to continue your Ramp registration. When obtained, please log back in and enter it so the OWHA can approve you on your team’s roster.

To register for coaches clinics, please visit the OWHA's website (www.owha.on.ca), and go to the Bench Staff>Coaches Clinic tab.

Trainer Certification (Applies to all Trainers)
Trainer certifications are valid for three years. Here is the Trainer (re)certification link:  https://htohockey.ca/
Certification Submission (Applies to all Bench Staff members, Trainers, Team Managers and Parents entering the dressing room)

Please forward ALL obtained certifications to the OWHA at  [email protected]. You may take a screenshot of your certification and forward to them with your name.  The OWHA will verify your required certifications according to your role with your team, and remove members from rosters who do not have the required certifications. Bench staff can not participate with the team if not listed on a roster. Information on hockey programs, coaching, trainers, player development and protocols including updates and bulletins can be found on our governing body, the OWHA. Their website is  www.owha.on.ca 


To review your certifications, please see your Hockey Canada Registry profile here - Hockey Canada Profile. 


Log into your Spordle account and select “Link a Member” from your dashboard panel. You must then search for yourself using first name, last name and date of birth. If you choose you can also search for yourself by your HCR # if you have that. If not, simply enter your name and date of birth would be enough for the system to search the HCR database to find your profile. Once your profile is found, you have to link it to your Spordle account. After this, when you go back into your Spordle account, you will see 2 circles at the top with your initials in them. The one that has a golden crown is your Spordle account, the other would be your HCR profile. Under the member tab, click on this profile, and you will see the Qualification tab. This is where you will see all your qualification.  You will not see your qualifications if you look under your Spordle account.  


If you require further assistance, please follow the directions outlined in the document via the link below.  It will walk you through the process.




For any questions on how to obtain or locate your certifications, please contact  [email protected].  

Team Banking (Applies to Treasurer)

To open a team bank account, please contact Susan Tam below or Shadab Khan at [email protected] to set up an appointment.  You MUST open your account at this bank.  Once you have your account open, you may do your banking at any Scotiabank location.  Please bring with you the New Account Checklist. Hornets accounts must have two team co-signatories.  Please provide me your team name and the two treasurer co-signatories and I will send you a letter for the bank. They can not be related and not the Coach.  


Susan Tam, BA, PFP

Branch Manager and Mutual Funds Representative*

Scotiabank | Dundas & Neyagawa   

489 Dundas Street West, unit 1, Oakville, Ontario L6M 1L9 


T 1. 289.725.0689 Ext 4000 F1.289.725.0088

[email protected]



As in previous years, all House League teams are provided a TeamSnap team under the Hornets association umbrella to be used for scheduling and communication with players and their families. This TeamSnap team is synced to the association ice map so all Hornets practice and game ice will be added and, if necessary, updated automatically. The use of your TeamSnap team is mandatory, please do not create your own TeamSnap teams outside the Hornets association umbrella.


Please reach out to Ian Howe, our TeamSnap coordinator, at  [email protected] with any questions or issues regarding TeamSnap.

Health Services Officer
Any questions you may have on Trainer or Covid-19 protocols you may email our Health Services officer, Fiona Hutchison at [email protected]
League Trainer
Fiona Hutchison is also our League Trainer.  Any Trainer related questions please email her at  [email protected]
Marketing/Social Media
The best content is news direct from our teams. If you have any photos, news or updates to share, please send them to [email protected] with details and your photos and we will share via our various accounts. All social media requests please send to [email protected]

Please refer to this page regularly to find the most up to date information.