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Guiding Principles and Program Overview

The Oakville Hornets High Performance Player Development Program (HPP) encompasses a unified skills and development program for the U22 AA (Juniors), U18 AA, U15 AA and U13 AA teams within the Oakville Hornets organization. Coaches and staff will be working in a collaborative environment across the four teams to prepare Oakville Hornets for hockey at the highest levels in the sport.

The High Performance Player Development Program Mission

The Hornets organization has created the High Performance Player Development Program (HPP) for young women who have a high level of commitment to the Hornets program and who have been selected as players who can excel at the U13, U15, U18, and U22 AA levels. The HPP is committed to providing a high level program for the committed and accountable player. This Program will exist with the following environment and culture:

  • An environment and culture to enjoy playing hockey on our teams while contributing to the team’s success.
  • An environment and culture to develop team and individual skills up to the highest level of women’s hockey.
  • An environment and culture to develop life skills, physically, emotionally, and mentally, that will help them achieve successes in all aspects of their life.
Our Mission Statement

The HPP Program’s mission is to provide a high level development program that is specific to those athletes at the U13, U15, U18, and U22 AA levels that will provide a positive environment and culture that will give every deserving athlete the opportunity to compete at the highest levels possible. This will include the following opportunities for committed and accountable players:
  • To provide on and off-ice guidance and exposure to the necessary skills needed in helping each player become the best student-athlete possible and to stress the importance of a higher education for our players.
  • To provide a high performance AA women’s program with high standards of commitment and skill development.
  • To prepare players for Canadian and US university and possibly Team Ontario and Team Canada levels of hockey.
  • To build upon the Hornets reputation and traditions with a high code of conduct for players and staff.
  • To emphasize continued improvement of individuals and the development of life skills.
  • To leverage, both internal and external, specialized trainers, tutors, and skills coaches.
The Relationship between the Four HPP Teams

Teams will share the following staff
  • HPP Mentor Coach and General Manager
  • Skills Development Coordinator
  • Fitness Coach
  • Marketing/Media Person
  • Post-Secondary Educational Presenter
The dynamics of the HPP program shall include:
  • An Affiliated Player (AP) tracking system to ensure all players practice and play with above level teams regularly.
  • Regular Combined Skills Development practices with Skills Expert Coaches in addition to the regular team practices…even throughout the summer months!
  • Combined August Training Camp for all 4 teams.
  • Calibration skates in order to manage player movement for the following year and to better be able to commit to Hornet players in advance.
  • Black and White” Games to enrich lower teams skills and to assist in player assessment.
  • Player/Parent and Coach interviews for assessment and communication twice per year.
  • All teams will have a common template Yearly Plan monitored by the HPP Mentor Coach.
  • Team building goal setting and mental focus presentations.
  • HPP Monthly staff meetings throughout the season.
  • The Dynamic Athlete elite performance training centre will be running our HPP common strength & conditioning to develop and enhance the abilities of the athletes as well as help with injury prevention.
  • An HPP common Educational Presentation.
  • Common Player Assessment templates and Player Assessment meetings by the staffs of all four teams.
  • Coordination and communication with relevant Hornet coaches not in HPP.
  • Putting all 4 teams in the same High Performance tournaments.