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Explanatory Note

The Board of Directors approved amendments to the OHGHA Constitution at its meeting on Monday, April 17, 2023.   The boar will seek ratification of those changes at the Annual General Meeting on May 25, 2023.  The key changes were:

1.  The officer positions of Director of Marketing, Director of HPP and Director of Tournaments were removed.  The marketing and HPP posts have been vacant.  The Board believes that by having 3 Board positions that are not officers it will encourage more members to step forward to serve on the Board. We will continue to have a Tournaments Director which will be will be an appointed position of a person not on the Board. 

2.  Term Limits have been removed.  The rationale for this is to allow the Board to continue to function in the absence of new candidates stepping forward in recent years.  

3.  All standing committees except Nominations and Discipline have been removed.  This is due to the lack of volunteers to staff these committees.  The Constitution preserves the ability to add new committees as the need arises.  

The detailed amendments are set out in the blaclkine  above."